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CNC Machining Center

Brand: VIWA 2015

2015 4-axis CNC machining center, which allows us to ensure the programming and manufacturing of fine tolerances, as well as the quality in detail that our clients deserve. (X: 40 ”; Y: 17” x40 ”; Z: 15”)

We are experts in plastic injection molds in Monterrey

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Welding and Pailer Area


Welding machines with the capacity to carry out work in TIG, MIG, STICK, Spool Gun, among others, which allow us to reduce delivery time by making pieces internally.

We care about your time

soldadura y paileria.png

Flat grinder

Brand: HARIG

For surface grinding jobs of 18 "x 6" areas and other detail jobs with excellent aesthetic and functional finishes

Aesthetics and quality at all times

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CNC lathe

Brand: VIWA 2015-2019

CNC lathe center, in which we machine specialized parts with a high level of precision, with the guarantee of machining that meets high standards. (X: 10 "; Y: 100")

High standards at all times

torno cnc.png

Electro Eroding

Brand: SHARP

With power of 75 AMP, for the creation of molds of high precision and demanding tolerances.

Continuous improvement in every process


Serial CNC Turning Centers

Brand: Miyano and Swiss type

2015 CNC Serial Lathe center, with Miyano double chuck / Double Turret lathes, ensuring greater efficiency in the production of parts in the shortest possible time and with the detail in quality and precision that each project requires.

MIYANO LZ-01: 2-axis CNC lathe, for serial production of pieces with maximum dimensions of 2.76 "Diam x 3.15" Long


Swiss Type Lathe: MANURHIN K´MX 20 CNC Lathe, with 2 turrets and up to 6 tools with capacity for serial manufacturing of 30 ”x30” x150 ”(x, y, z) parts that require care with precision in the best possible time.

Moyano Lz01 Torno_edited.png

Drill radial

Brand: ROYAL

Radial drilling machine with a 45 "height x 40" arm, to handle pieces that require it.

Capable machines.

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