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Glass modeling, rubber press, plastic injection and others .

You have the piece to mold, we create the mold for you.


We specialized in mold design, fabrication and maintenance for the production of glass, plastics, rubbers and Indian rubbers pieces, fulfilling a high quality finish and improving your production time.


Mechanical, Dies and Mechanized Devices

We manufacture all types of CNC pieces with high precision and fine tolerance requirements, from their design to production and final delivery.

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Reverse Engineering and Mechanical Design

(2D, 3D, CAD, CAM, CAE, CNC, simulations)

We have specialists focused on the  design´s development from beginning to end, allowing the possibility to understand and evolve every piece and/or project; with the potential for its fabrication and effective implementation.

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Prototypes and Fixtures

In addition to machining and creating the parts, we also design and assemble them to create that tool you need for greater safety and care in your production and operation line.

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Continuous Improvement Projects

Our team of experts are prepared to identify, understand, train and develop improvement projects along side our clients.

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Personalized technical assistance services

Our specialists are qualified to support you with on-site visits. At SDM we are committed to service and we want you to consider us as an extension of your business.

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Welding and Boilermaking

We have a welding area with the capacity to work with TIG, MIG, STICK, Spool Gun, and others to complement internal work and save delivery time.

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Surface Grinding and Roughing

We work with an 18 "x 6" area for flat Grinding and other detail jobs with excellent aesthetic and functional finishes.

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